Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back To School Reading: Great E-Books Every Child Should Have

It's back to school, and one way to ensure that your child stays on top of their reading is by making sure that not only do they have traditional books of their own to read but that their Ipads, Mac Books, E-Readers, etc. have a collection of books that will keep them engaged and honing those reading comprehension skills. 

 Elephant Symphony  by Nikki Noffsinger: Little Azizi is a small African Elephant who listens as the old ones tell the stories of celestial elephants and herds of long ago. Azizi looks into the night sky full of questions that leads him on a great adventure that not only answers his questions but also gives a lesson in animal conservation. Elephant Symphony is part of Ladybee's "Call of the Wild" series that showcases animal stories. This book is great for children ages 5-10. 

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If you like this title by me, be sure to check out my other book, Every Kid Has Their Day; which contains four adorable stories that cover topics like: bullying, over coming that fearful first day of school, having a bad day, and ADHD.  

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I am the mother of two and even a "Ni Ni" to one little topsy-turvy two-year old. I have always loved to write and create stories. Being able to write stories that I think children will love and learn from is my goal as a children's author. 

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