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Back To School Reading: Great E-Books Every Child Should Have

It's back to school, and one way to ensure that your child stays on top of their reading is by making sure that not only do they have traditional books of their own to read but that their Ipads, Mac Books, E-Readers, etc. have a collection of books that will keep them engaged and honing those reading comprehension skills. 

 Elephant Symphony  by Nikki Noffsinger: Little Azizi is a small African Elephant who listens as the old ones tell the stories of celestial elephants and herds of long ago. Azizi looks into the night sky full of questions that leads him on a great adventure that not only answers his questions but also gives a lesson in animal conservation. Elephant Symphony is part of Ladybee's "Call of the Wild" series that showcases animal stories. This book is great for children ages 5-10. 

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If you like this title by me, be sure to check out my other book, Every Kid Has Their Day; which contains four adorable stories that cover topics like: bullying, over coming that fearful first day of school, having a bad day, and ADHD.  

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I am the mother of two and even a "Ni Ni" to one little topsy-turvy two-year old. I have always loved to write and create stories. Being able to write stories that I think children will love and learn from is my goal as a children's author. 

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Let's Talk Elephants: Exclusive Excerpt of "Elephant Symphony"



Elephant Symphony

“Once long ago, our herds were vast. We lived in the African Savannahs from scrub lands to the lush green forests and mountains.” The great father began to speak as Baakir, began to pray to the spirits of the ancestors.
A little elephant named Azizi looked up at his mother. She wrapped her trunk around his little head and gave him a reassuring squeeze. Every year of the great migration, stories of the old ones were told so that the young would carry them to the future. Azizi loved hearing them even if sometimes they made him a little sleepy. He didn’t really understand them, but he got to stay up a little later than normal and that was always a good thing. A fire fly buzzing about distracted him from the story. Lightening streaked across the sky as Great Father continued the story. Azizi lifted his head once again drawn back to the much older elephant who was telling the story.
“We were masters of this land of abundance, mother to us all. The rivers flowed and the Savannahs grew thick with grasses. We are a great and mighty herd, but our herds are getting smaller.”
Suddenly lights like falling stars began to streak down towards the Earth. Little Azizi looked up as the great Elephants of the past filled the sky. He gasped as he saw them roaming about the sky. His mother patted him with her trunk and he reluctantly turned back to the story.
“Our herds were happy and lived in harmony with all the animals even the great cats of the pride lands and jungles. Then the two legs came. They came in great numbers.”
Several of the older elephants roared their trunks, stomped their feet, and shook their heads. Azizi drew closer to his mother. The great father roared the loudest and then all was quiet once again. The other males lowered their heads in respect and began to make their rumble; their song. It was a solemn sound.
“The two legs known as Man came and hunted our people. They stole our long tusks and stole our calves. They enslaved our people; shackled them in irons. They destroyed our kind until our great numbers dwindled. They drove us from our beloved Grasslands and peaceful jungles. They ran us out of mountains in fear.”  His voice sent shivers up and down Azizi.
Azizi’s mother and the rest of the female African Elephants raised their trunks and let out a mournful cry. It was sad and a lonely sound. Azizi looked at the star elephants and they looked as if tears spilled from their eyes. He saw scenes of the two legs; the humans taking great whips and beating them, taking their fire sticks and killing some, and ripping calves away from mothers. Azizi didn’t want to look anymore. He didn’t want to hear the sad stories anymore. He felt tears in his eyes. There were never any more happy stories told. Azizi remembered only a few that his mother told him of the great elephants who lived in the sky among the stars. He looked up and they twinkled. He imagined they were twinkling for him.
When the last female finished with their sad cry, Great Father began speaking again.
“Our herds were driven into hiding and no longer knew happiness. The men brought their machines and destroyed our forests. They built cities and took away the good clean water. The herds were forced to travel for water and many have been lost along the way both young and the old.”
“Man has brought us much sadness and hardship but we are still a strong proud herd. We are still here on this land. Man has not taken it all from us. We teach our young how to find the water holes and how to watch out for the danger that lurks. We have the ancestors to guide us and the young to teach the future.”
There was a chorus of trunks roaring and the bulls stomped theirfeet and shook their mighty heads. Azizi began to wonder why man hated them so much. He pondered that. The big lions, cheetahs, and even the great tigers did not hate them even though they sometimes hunted elephants. Why was man different? He had to have an answer to the questions that were filling his little head.
Azizi first asked his mother, because she knew everything about anything.
“Mama, why does Man hate us?” Azizi asked as his mother was leading him to their nesting spot.
“Man is man Azizi. We do not know why.”  His mother said softly.
Azizi cocked his head up at his mother, “But they don’t look very big and we have Great Father who is the biggest of all elephants and he is even afraid of man.”
“Size is not always what wins Azizi. The snake in the bush is small yet has a bite that kills. The hyena cannot take a gazelle down alone, but in a pack it can.”
Azizi lay down and his mother next to him protectively. “Go to sleep Azizi.”
Azizi still had so many questions but did as he was told and went to sleep.
 Azizi’s dreams were filled with animals crying and man was coming for them. He saw the fear in the faces of his mother and the herd. Azizi opened his eyes, and the sky was still dark while stars filled the sky. He gently tilted his head as he watched a star streak across the sky. It Ziiinged across the sky and Azizi watched as it fell into the watering hole. Aziz stood up and lumbered quietly through where his family; the herd were sleeping. He’d never seen a falling star before and the brilliant bright white and blue lights were shimmering over the water of the watering hole. It was such an amazing sight.
Azizi stepped closer and the light Zipped and Zagged over the water. The ball of wonderous light then exploded and the light was so bright that Azizi had to cover his eyes with his ears. It was all quiet once again and when Azizi removed his ears from his eyes, standing in the middle of the watering hole was a beautiful white elephant.
The elephant was tall and had golden tusks that came from its mouth. Its ears were huge. It had wise eyes that twinkled as if two stars were captured. Its trunk was long and much bigger than Great Father’s. Azizi was a little afraid not knowing what to do.
“W-Who are you?” Azizi stuttered, feeling a little afraid all of a sudden.
The giant white elephant with the golden tusks lowered its head slightly and smiled, “Hello Azizi. I am Zahara, your ancestor. My time here is short, and I have a lot to show you my little one.”

Read more about Azizi and his journey in
Elephant Symphony by Nikki Noffsinger

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Now Introducing: Aziz the elphant from "Elephant Symphony" The Newest E Book Release from Ladybee Publishing

Somewhere in Africa, lives a little elephant named Azizi and he's about to go on quite the adventure and so can you with my newest book, Elephant Symphony from Ladybee Publishing as part of their Call Of The Wild Series.

Come meet Azizi

Azizi is an African elephant who is part of a few animals that are the largest in the world. Since Azizi is an African elephant, he is the largest of the elephant species in the world. He is also part of a species that's numbers are dwindling. Sadly African elephants are being hunted and because of that they are on the Endangered Species list. They still are threatened by poachers and humans who are encroaching on their lands. 

Azizi spends his days using his trunk to eat plants, twigs, berries, and to drink water. He also gives himself mud baths to protect his sensitive skin. There's no SPF for elephants. Azizi and other elephant calves are between 170-250 pounds. That is a BIG baby. Azizi will grow up to be about 350 pounds as an adult. An elephant calf's herd treats calves as one of the family. Each elephant looks out for and helps the calves of the herd. Everyone is involved with raising the calf. Elephants are incredibly social with each other. They migrate to find water holes and food together and they even "nest" down at night and sleep together. 

Elephant Symphony

This book is about a little elephant named Azizi who finds out why his kind are dwindling. Azizi hears the stories of celestial elephants and how the herds are hunted. Then he gets a visit from a very special elephant that shows Azizi the answers he needs to know and how not all humans are bad.

Elephant Symphony is a great E-book for ages five through 10 years old.  

Get your child's copy today! 

Book Links: 

The First 5 copies sold will get a donation sent by me to International Elephant Foundation-a non profit organization that helps with education, research, care & welfare of elephants, and conservation.  

International Elephant Foundation.Org

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Every Kid Has Their Day, has yours?

When I began writing "Every Kid Has Their Day", I wanted to do nothing more than create something that empowered young children. Every child deserves to be empowered and to reach their potential. We don't always know what future they will choose for themselves whether it's being a doctor, a teacher, a musician, an athlete, or perhaps the next president. However, the events that occur during their childhood do have an effect on what paths they choose. I want every child to know that we all get scared sometimes. We all have that moment in a new place where monsters may live and the school lunch could be something more alien than food. We all have days where we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed or we learn in a total different way than everyone else. Being bullied is never fun and sometimes all a child needs to know is that it does get better and they're not alone. Those are the very reasons I wrote "Every Kid Has Their Day" and I hope that all you parents and child care givers will read it to your children. Most children in public schools are doing more and more with Ipads and the very best things we can do as parents and educators can be to give them books they can read that will empower them and to give fuel to their imaginations. Lady Bee Publishing has many great titles for children that can be easily uploaded to their Ipads and Kindles.

For more great titles from other Ladybee Publishing be sure to visit: http://www.ladybeepublishing.ca

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The No Good Very Bad Day of a Red Headed Step Child

    We have all had bad days. We have all had days when we just wanted to pull the covers over our heads and pretend that the morning sun was not blasting through the bedroom window.

    Kids are not immune to waking up on the wrong side of the bed. I can remember one such day out of many when I just woke up crankier than ever. I stumbled out of bed and the first thing that happened was I banged my toe on the door jamb. OUUUCH! Then I found out that my sister, Kim, had eaten the last of the cereal. It didn't stop there, school just seemed to be horrible too. I had to miss recess.

       Has your son or daughter ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed? I bet they have. It was because all kids sooner or later have one of those days that I wrote, "The Complaining Day". This short story can be found in my book, "Every Kid Has Their Day".

            This four story collection has four stories that touch on everything from ADHD, bullying, scary first days, and those days when everything just seems to go wrong. This book is available on E-Book format so that it can be easily downloaded onto your child's tablet, I-Pad, and E-Reader.

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Once Upon A Child

                Christmas is over and most kids are already heading back to school from their holiday breaks. I know my little boy was hoping Christmas vacation would last forever. Me, I was ready for this day about three days after Christmas. The New Year has begun and that means a lot of new books are out already. Have you thought about what you want to upload your child's virtual book shelves with? Well have no fear, I have some great books to get your children back into reading and to keep their imaginations going. 

Goodnight Already is great for that older brother or sister who just wants to go to sleep but has a younger sibling who is a perpetual night owl. This book has the cutest pictures and the story is both heartwarming and tells a very sweet story. It's a great book to read with your preschooler through third grade age child. 

Thanks to movies like Corpse Bride, Franken Weenie, and The Book of Life, the Pro-Zombie phenomena has become huge with all children. What happens when two Zombies fall in love? They have a baby who is undead that's what. This book is the sequel to the much loved Zombie in Love. It's funny, a little gross, and anything but dead. This is a great book to laugh over with your child and it's in most E-book formats. Be sure to add Zombie in Love 2 +1.

I have written four short stories that will make children feel good about themselves no matter if they have something like ADHD, tackling their first day of school in a new place, having a bad day, or dealing with bullies. In each of the four stories there is laughter along with a heartwarming empowering message. 

Halloween just isn't for October! Pumpkinstein is an illustrated story of how a green little alien comes to Earth on a night when he can blend in but it causes quite the stir and misadventures. 

Have an older child that may not be content with picture books? Ladybee Publishing has the entire beginning series of the Alex and the Wolpertinger adventure series by Koos Verkaik. What is a Wolpertinger? A fascinating creature that your child will love reading about. 

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Vote Now for "Every Kid Has Their Day" at Critter's Preditor's & Editors Poll

"Every Kid Has Their Day"

Every year, the Critter's holds a poll for various genres of books, publishing houses, and authors and this year my book, "Every Kid Has Their Day" was graciously nominated.

Now while it would be nice to "win" some monetary award or be featured in the New York Times, there is no real prize for winning first place BUT by helping my book get voted to #1 helps ensure that many people and other book marketers can see my book. It also helps my publishing house get some accolades as well.

Why is all that important? I wrote "Every Kid Has Their Day" not just my child but for all of your children too. I wrote my four stories for those who face each day with ADHD, fears of being picked on and bullied, getting through a scary first day at a new strange place, and for those that just start out on the wrong side of the bed. So by voting, you are helping more people to be able to have this book available to their children and others. At least that is the hope. If I get first place, I get an online badge and of course it's recorded that I won, but so many others will see these poll lists and see my book, name, and publisher.

Please vote for me! If I get first place, I will gladly give away five copies of "Ever Kid Has Their Day" along with five signed bookmarks.

Also, if you could be so kind, please vote for my dear friend, mentor, and fellow author superstar, Denyse Bridger.


Every Kid Has Their Day by Nikki Noffsinger

Denyse Bridger Best Short Story-Champange and Chocolate

Denyse Bridger Best Author