Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Every Kid Has Their Day, has yours?

When I began writing "Every Kid Has Their Day", I wanted to do nothing more than create something that empowered young children. Every child deserves to be empowered and to reach their potential. We don't always know what future they will choose for themselves whether it's being a doctor, a teacher, a musician, an athlete, or perhaps the next president. However, the events that occur during their childhood do have an effect on what paths they choose. I want every child to know that we all get scared sometimes. We all have that moment in a new place where monsters may live and the school lunch could be something more alien than food. We all have days where we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed or we learn in a total different way than everyone else. Being bullied is never fun and sometimes all a child needs to know is that it does get better and they're not alone. Those are the very reasons I wrote "Every Kid Has Their Day" and I hope that all you parents and child care givers will read it to your children. Most children in public schools are doing more and more with Ipads and the very best things we can do as parents and educators can be to give them books they can read that will empower them and to give fuel to their imaginations. Lady Bee Publishing has many great titles for children that can be easily uploaded to their Ipads and Kindles.

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