Friday, July 31, 2015

Now Introducing: Aziz the elphant from "Elephant Symphony" The Newest E Book Release from Ladybee Publishing

Somewhere in Africa, lives a little elephant named Azizi and he's about to go on quite the adventure and so can you with my newest book, Elephant Symphony from Ladybee Publishing as part of their Call Of The Wild Series.

Come meet Azizi

Azizi is an African elephant who is part of a few animals that are the largest in the world. Since Azizi is an African elephant, he is the largest of the elephant species in the world. He is also part of a species that's numbers are dwindling. Sadly African elephants are being hunted and because of that they are on the Endangered Species list. They still are threatened by poachers and humans who are encroaching on their lands. 

Azizi spends his days using his trunk to eat plants, twigs, berries, and to drink water. He also gives himself mud baths to protect his sensitive skin. There's no SPF for elephants. Azizi and other elephant calves are between 170-250 pounds. That is a BIG baby. Azizi will grow up to be about 350 pounds as an adult. An elephant calf's herd treats calves as one of the family. Each elephant looks out for and helps the calves of the herd. Everyone is involved with raising the calf. Elephants are incredibly social with each other. They migrate to find water holes and food together and they even "nest" down at night and sleep together. 

Elephant Symphony

This book is about a little elephant named Azizi who finds out why his kind are dwindling. Azizi hears the stories of celestial elephants and how the herds are hunted. Then he gets a visit from a very special elephant that shows Azizi the answers he needs to know and how not all humans are bad.

Elephant Symphony is a great E-book for ages five through 10 years old.  

Get your child's copy today! 

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The First 5 copies sold will get a donation sent by me to International Elephant Foundation-a non profit organization that helps with education, research, care & welfare of elephants, and conservation.  

International Elephant Foundation.Org

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